Explore the underwater world with a Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park snorkeling experience. Your trip also includes access to beach facilities, animal shows, snorkeling gear, and botanical gardens with Mayan replicas.

Located at km 9 on the ocean side road in Cozumel’s Island, is the largest monument to nature in Cozumel. it is also as a National Park and an area for shelter, refuge and protection for flora and marine fauna on the western coast of Cozumel Island.

Visiting Chankanaab means adventure, fun, tranquility and safety in just one place. While visiting Chankanaab one becomes part of a conservation area, which offers a swimming area, or if you wish, you can plunge into the underwater world and enjoy Christ and Virgin sculptures. You can also enjoy a variety of food at any of the restaurants.

Chankanaab Park engulfs in its lagoon the ancestral mystery which was at one time was occupied by Mayan settlements, or maybe it was refuge for pirates who where looking for supply areas, or where hiding places for cherished treasures. The word Chankanaab comes from the Mayan language; Chan (small) Kanaab (sea or ocean) making reference to the natural formation located in the interior of the Park.

For visitor’s comfort, Chankanaab offers customer service, as well as special sand wheel chairs, bathrooms for the handicapped, as well as showers, lockers and a volleyball beach court area.