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With the world’s second largest coral reef located just a few miles from shore and its blue turquoise water, Cozumel is also consider by most the meca of scuba diving. But in addition to this jewel, Cozumel offers so much more! It is also home to the most important cruise port in Mexico and one of the most popular in the Caribbean. It is also Mexico’s biggest island with approximately 28 miles long and 10 miles wide.

For visitors arriving in one of the major cruise lines, Cozumel is the perfect playground for a day’s excursion with an array of shore excursions to choose from. If you’re staying overnight or visiting from the Riviera Maya or Cancun, Cozumel is waiting for you to discover it.

Adapt all these things to do in Cozumel to fit all ages! The island offers something for everyone from history, pirates and Mayan civilizations to traditions, folklore, Mexican cuisine and music to adventure, outdoors and thrills. Anything to make your day in Cozumel truly unforgettable.

If you wish to stay in Cozumel for longer periods, the island also opens its doors with luxury resorts, all inclusive, small hotels in Downtown and more. This amazing destination has a great variety of things to do, places to stay, things to eat and countless excursions to explore.

Come make this a truly unique adventure!