Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel

Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel. On a typical snorkel trip, you will see turtles, groupers, green moray eels, nurse sharks, and lots of colorful tropical fish. If you are lucky, you will see eagle rays or black-tip reef sharks. The best spots to dive and snorkel in Cozumel and to find a great variety of Caribbean fish are the Columbia Deep which is know for its huge coral formations, the Palancar reef with its tunnels and swim throughs, the Chankanaab Reef where you will find all type of colorful fish and finally Barracuda at the northwest of the island, a deep hog back reef with strong currents, a great place to see pelagics.

In general, Cozumel is famous for its powder white beaches and crystal clear water, this area also houses the largest barrier reef system in the Western Hemisphere, making it a dream place to go diving and snorkeling. The visibility is excellent, so everyone from snorkelers to expert divers can enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience. Here we give you more info of these places to go, whether you just want to snorkel or if you’re looking to suit up and discover what lies deep below.

Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel Paradise Reef

Paradise is actually made up of three separate reefs parallel to the coastline, about 600 feet from the shore. With a maximum depth of 45 feet, it is home to a magnificent array of fish, shellfish and coral of different shapes and sizes, and all the colors of the rainbow! Prepare to be amazed as you discover the creatures hiding in every nook and cranny. This reef is also one of the most popular locations for night diving.

Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel Palancar

Palancar is located in Parque Marino Nacional Arrecifes de Cozumel (Cozumel National Coral Reef Marine Park). It is a fantastic spot to snorkel and dive, featuring spectacular caves as well as fascinating ledges and drops that will take your breath away. Home to an impressive variety of sharks, barracuda and more, this is one reef not to miss during your next summer vacation!

Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel Chankanaab

Parque Chankanaab is a wonderful place to swim with dolphins, admire Mayan ruins, and trek through jungle. The reef is just 350 yards from the shore and with a maximum depth of 70 feet it is ideal for beginner scuba divers and snorkelers. Big, bold, and beautiful is what you’ll find under the surface, with spectacular coral formations, and a marvelous variety of marine life. You might even finally find Nemo, as the reef is home to plenty of clownfish!

Dive and Snorkel in Cozumel Columbia Reef

Columbia Reef is simply spectacular. Featuring a breathtaking drop-off to a depth of 60 to 80 feet it’s perfect for deep diving. Here you’ll find wonderful caves, tunnels, and caverns, as well as gigantic pinnacles of coral and large marine creatures. If you’re a proficient diver, then don’t miss out on the unforgettable experience of exploring this magnificent reef.

It is time to have some fun and discover these incredible sea treasures! Contact us to schedule your next tour.